Protected by karma

karma bike and owner (1 of 1)


The Kryptonite ‘D’ lock is placed on the table. We stare it with incredulity. The New Yorker offers fine protection from theft but only when attached to the bike.

“So where’s your bike?” I ask.  My voice has gone up an octave.

“On the Railings?”


En-masse our heads swivel around and look through the large glazed frontage that defines the café bar. Andy’s Ridgeback is still there, suspended by its handlebars and looking for all the world like its securely locked to the street furniture. Its only been there for more than 3 hours. Who needs locks when you’re protected by karma?

As a general rule, always, always, always lock your bike if you want a better chance of it being there on return. 🙂 Image above: Andy, the railings, the bike and the lock.

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