More of them. On things like these.

beat the grief (1 of 1)

I love these moments.

Llandaff North, Cardiff. The traffic snarled to a halt. It has gone 5.  The claxon has sounded. Offices have emptied. Commuters have fled. Tempers are frayed.

I can see along the line of traffic to the cause of all its grief; a car is attempting to parallel park. The car behind yielded nought and driving tight to the bumper. We wait.

And wait.

And wait.

A horn blasts. Its shock-wave levels the area. The car gives up and crawls to the next potential dock.

But its accompanied by its motorised shadow. Parallel parking is again off the menu. Its hard to reverse with another vehicle hustling. The queue gets longer.

And longer.

And longer.

One horn blasts. Two horns blast. Three.

Immediately to my left, an elderly gentleman eases open his car door.

“Sorry”. He smiles, encouraging me to move a wee bit .

“Bloody drivers eh? We need more of THEM…”, he says, ‘…On things like these’ he concludes, pointing at my bike and doffing his flat cap.


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