Stolen bikes recovered!


Last week a friend of mine spotted an article in the Guardian. ‘Vancouver woman steals back bike’. After having her bike stolen, plucky Canadian bike theft victim, Kayla Smith tracks down her stolen wheels (via a friend), arranges a viewing under the pretence of wishing to buy it  and proceeds to steal it back on a test ride, riding off into the sunset, locks billowing in the air, flipping the bird all the while. That’s one in the eye for you bucko.


Then, far closer to home (as in incredibly close to home), Craig had his bike stolen from his backyard; a lovely titanium Sabbath. The chances of getting it back seemed remote. It was gone for good. Then this happened…..

Craig whizzed around an e-mail to Cardiff JIF members along with a picture. Del spotted the e-mail and thought he’d seen a description of the bike via the Cardiff Ajax website. Del did some digging and got Craig a name. Craig contacted Ajax; a bike fitting the description was being held by the Police. Craig contacts them, provides the necessary identification and bingo – the bike is back in its rightful owner’s hands. So what happened? Well…..


It appears that the bike was stolen from Craig’s backyard and secreted away in a front garden in Cathays. A German student staying at the house spots the bike before flying back to Germany, recognising that titanium bikes don’t normally hang around in hedges, he hands it into the police. An eagle eyed policeman spots it, scratches his chin and thinks to himself ‘hmmmm, that’s not a run of the mill bike, I’ll contact Cardiff Ajax and see if anyone knows the score’. A note appears on the Ajax facebook pages and the rest as they say, is history.

The moral of the story? You have a far better chance of cycling success if you go to Cardiff JIF in the first place 🙂 <JIF cycling in-joke>

No…..the moral of the story is, thieves don’t win all the time, keep up the pressure, spread the word and use the incredibly powerful tool of social media.

Images: Bike theft image courtesy of brick house Craig’s bike by Craig.

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