Servicing the community – Artcrank Manchester

artcrank manchester

Due to the perfect storm of work commitments, post grad study and family holiday, I didn’t make it up to Artcrank Manchester, which is crying shame for three reasons;  (1) The art looked excellent (as you’d expect), (2) I don’t need a massive excuse to sip beer, soak up culture and kick back, (3) I agreed to loan them some toast racks for use outside the venue.  We didn’t make a great big hoopla about it, simply ‘cos it’s nice to do your bit. In my – albeit romantic – view, too few businesses engage with the communities that they service and I feel its important to make a valid contribution – especially if you’re also active in the community on a personal level.

Birmingham council


artcrank coloursAnyway…..<climbs off soapbox>. I love the top image from Retrofuzz, part of the creative team involved in putting together Artcrank Manchester (fine work chaps – I’d have invested in one If I’d been there).  Less attractive (but no less necessary!), our toastracks – also on a free loan – currently in action for Birmingham council. With a bit of luck they’ll encourage even more Brummies to come out on bikes. Incidentally, the jazzy pink/burgundy/whatisit? colour was created to match the Artcrank London poster for the 2011 show.

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