Abandoned Part 18

Abandoned part 18 (1 of 1)

Picture the scene; two thieves. Hoods up. One looks left and right. A meerkat with tools. The seatpost is removed.

‘Tis but a scratch.

<Front wheel removed>

I’ve ‘ad worse.

<Rear wheel next. Then derailleur>


<Handlebars and brakes disappear into a bag. The meerkat checks, nods, they move off> 

oh, oh, I see, running away then.  You yellow bast*rds!  Come back here and take what’s coming to you. I’ll bite your legs off!

Richmond Road, Cardiff. It’s more likely that the parts have been removed over time, leaving little but the frame and crankset attached to the railings. It’s unusual, given that this happened on a busy street directly outside what appears to be a residential building. Script on loan from Monty Python’s Black Knight.

Abandoned part 18  steps (1 of 1)

If you come back to your bike to find it decimated by detritivores, please think about passing any unwanted bits to local social enterprises such as The Cardiff Cycle workshopThe Bristol Bike Project,  ReCycling (London) or The Bike Station (Glasgow). This is part of an ongoing series to highlight cycle security, abandoned and vandalised bikes. 

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