In praise of…….track pumps

Colnago pump

If there’s one unsung piece of cycle kit, its track pumps. They are the unsung hero of the workshop. Beyond the obvious advice of pick a bike that fits, get into clipless pedals, get a helmet that stops you from overheating and clothes that fit, it would be the one piece of kit that I’d really insist you invest in. Like painting the Forth bridge, pumping up your tyres is a never ending activity, and unless you really, really, really want one arm like Popeye, a track pump will save you a whole world of hurt.

Avoid forearms like these.

Avoid forearms like these.

Track pumps range from around £25 – £100 at a good local bike shop 

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  1. So very true. I got mine years ago, and it’s still going strong. Being something of a weakling it’s the only hope I have of pumping my tyres up to the right pressure.

    • Sorry for late reply. Just returned from the Dordogne after some feeble attempts at riding in the heat (After 3 roasting rides, I stuck to the kayak and cool water!). Yep, a track pump is a ‘must have’ and you really don’t realise it until you own one.

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