Music and bikes and sun

cruiser (1 of 1)



Surf boards strapped to bikes.

Bikes strapped to campervans.

Campervans emblazoned across t-shirts.

Lazer beam sunlight bouncing off the water.

Water lapping against sandy fringes.

Life lapping against your soul.

Californian sunshine has bathed the Welsh coastline for the past week or so. At the weekend I rode to the top of the local hill and gazed at shimmering Devon. I spent the afternoon watching kids stream around cones, a football field and watching parents. With Evelyn, I sat in a kayak and gazed at giant crabs in water as clear as Evian. Tim Buckley played in the background. Let the summer endure.

I recommend the Vintage cruisers and Balloon bikes club on Facebook (‘Bombers’ are a colloquialism for ‘Cruisers’). Tim Buckley’s Buzzin’ fly (below) is still rattling around my head. Image courtesy of  Velojoy.

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