Perfect glassy mirror

Perfect glassy mirror (1 of 1)-2

Perfect glassy mirror. No wind. Clear air. Warm sunshine. Perfect glassy mirror.

I definitely ride my folder differently. More Copenhagen than Madison. The travellers mate, not the sprinters weapon. I relaxed this morning. Took deep breaths. Watched the world go by. I saw perfect sunlight pierce trees and illuminate clouds of morning flies. Watched the heron swoop low over the Taff. I gazed at a perfect glassy mirror. It helps when you leave the house at 7.30. Cardiff doesn’t wake properly ‘til after 8 and when it does, it resembles a 20 something late for work (Shit! Rush! Teeth! Hair! Breakfast on the fly!). The folder cuts through that like a knife through Victoria sponge.

Of course, I don’t like it any more than riding strongly and nailing it. It’s just…..different. Pleasant. Relaxed. Save the nailing for hill climbs, downhills and single speeds. Roll out the folder for cooler travel and languid ends to busy weeks.

Folders are perfect for; work, trains, versatility  light touring, relaxing. Folders are not perfect for mountains, cyclo-cross, speed work. 

birdy (1 of 1)

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  1. Very much a ‘watch the birdy’ moment. Folders can be so underrated, for some who lack space, live in flats, need inter modal transport, the folder is the answer. A beautiful capture of a beautiful morning.

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