Coaching, community cafes and the whirlwind weekend


A full weekend of cycling activity. Two days of the British Cycling Level 2 course, the crowd-funding party for the Roll of the Soul café (Bristol) and the start of the Tour De France.

After spending two days under the watchful gaze of the British Cycling coaching team, it is no surprise to me that British Cycling is doing so well. I have enjoyed three phases of a sporting career, playing Rugby up to regional level as a Youth player, Athletics to regional level and cycling (with a regional appearance at cross).  Without any question, the level of professionalism displayed by the BC staff and communicated through the BC materials, far surpasses any coaching I’ve experienced during my career. Potentially it’s a sign of the times. Perhaps all the sporting bodies have improved. I’d like to think so, but I suspect BC have developed an approach to coaching that is consistent from grass roots to top flight.

RFtS 1


And as for the RFtS party….what can I say? Fantastic venue, wonderfully restored, with a vibe that absolutely correlates to its community roots. My one and only complaint? My choc full diary. I’d love to have stayed the distance and spent the whole of Saturday evening there. Unfortunately I had to settle for a flying visit, 2 gorgeous coffees, a plate full of specially dished out food (bless ‘em, I was given a plate of grub earlier than they’d planned as they knew I had to leave), before winging my way back over the Severn to spend the remainder of the evening producing coaching plans. Curses. In the words of Arnie……I’ll be back. 

Details of the British Cycling Level 2 coaching course are here. The Roll for the Soul café is located on Quay St, Bristol (Bristol’s street art area) and opens today.

Quay st


RFtS 3

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    • Very wise! I assure you that she will love it. The coffee, food and atmosphere is lovely. You can tell that its run by people that care.

      As an aside, I’m quite proud that they did me the honour of popping my picture on the crowdfunding poster above. I’m the one carrying his bike (next to ‘crowdfunders’ – Image from 3 peaks cyclocross/world bike carrying championships 🙂 ).

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