Lunch hour is dead. Long live the lunch hour

Windows and advert (1 of 1)

The lunch hour is not for lunch. Its for riding. Wandering. Observing.  To refresh the body and mind before an afternoon at the grindstone. You can cover a lot of ground in an hour.

wall and roof (1 of 1)

Cardiff Bay is a stone’s throw from the office (providing you’ve a good arm and a steady aim). Less than 10 minutes on the bike and you’re in the wide open space of Roald Dahl plass, a civic amenity that celebrates one of Cardiff’s most famous sons. The bronze dome of the millennium centre hovers on its fringes like an alien mothership, butted either side by slate walls mined from  Welsh quarries.

Over your shoulder (1 of 1)

Yesterday I cycled over, pointed my camera around and bumped into friends. When the rain ain’t fallin’ it sure beats the canteen.

water feature reflection (1 of 1)

Image #1 Advert on Peacocks head office

Image #2: Layers of Welsh geology meet the cooper roof of the millennium centre.

Image #3: Electronic advert casts glance at passer-by.

Image# 4: Two lovers are reflected in the water feature.

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