Help kickstart the turbines that grind the gears, that make the togs, astride the wheels

Join us for the ride

Another kickstarter campaign worth backing. Veleco CC are a UK cycle clothing business hoping to launch a recycled polyester softshell jacket, urban cycling shorts and a range of carbon neutral t-shirts and hoodies (from a factory that uses wind turbines, no less). To get this initiative off the ground, they need to raise £20k over the next 2 weeks via their kickstarter campaign. The new products will complement their existing range of cycle (and apres cycling) clothing. 


Kickstarter campaigns are a fine way of showcasing your ideas and empowering people to be involved; a truly social and democratic process which  I fully applaud (not to mention the enthusiasm and the ethics of this particular venture). I know from experience precisely how difficult it is to try and forge a business approach that takes a bold and positive stance on fair trade and sustainability. Even more so when the product is uncompromising and first rate. So very best of luck with the fundraising Veleco. I look forward to seeing those products in my local bike shop soon.


To support the campaign, start by watching the the kickstarter video here. 

UPDATE: As of the 28th of June and with 5 days to go, Veleco are so nearly there (£12.5k of the £20k needed). So there’s still time to support….

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