How are you seen?

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I often think about this. How are you viewed? How are you seen through another’s eyes? Reserved? Brash? Happy? Dour? Active? Lazy? Does it even matter?

The answer, I guess, is ‘it depends’;  on context, environment and relationship. Where it’s perhaps unequivocal is how young people view us, particularly if we’re hoping to impart some form of guidance in life. Our mentoring role is not to be underestimated.

Yesterday, I came home from Mountain Mayhem, tired but satisfied with the weekend’s effort to be greeted with this lovely picture from Evelyn (she’s 6). She told me that the bike was modeled on my favourite (“It’s the blue one daddy…you know…your cross bike”) and that she found the wheel on my Bristol bike project t-shirt a little tricky.

If my only mark on this world is to leave one child with the impression that being in the outdoors, riding your bike and supporting a social project is the right and normal thing to do, then that’s at least one perspective I’m not going to worry about.

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