Bikes not guns (I should coco)

Love n Bikes

If you’ve a copy of  the current issue of Bicycling Times (#23), have a look at page 10  for the most bizarre statement I have ever read in a bicycle magazine. In relation to a previous article (#22, An exchange of guns for bikes programme in Montana – p16), there is a quote from a letter written by a reader in LA, blown up (excuse the pun) and writ large in the side panel:

Guns and bicycles are not diametrically opposed. Bicycles and guns have been an integral part of my life for the better part of 61 years.

Eh? Guns and bicycles are not diametrically opposed??? Where did that come from? With the exception of the opening scenes of Grosse Point Blank (a truly great movie). I can barely think of two things more diametrically opposed. One is facilitating, enabling, health promoting, humble and – crucially – life enhancing. The other is for killing things. It’s arguably the most surprising statement I’ve ever read in a bicycle magazine. Is it a brave editorial decision to engage in an unexpected guns/bikes debate?  Or should it have been skipped entirely? I Can’t imagine the promotion of bikes and guns ever raising its head in Boneshaker , The Boneshaker Almanac or the Ride Journal (or any other cycling magazine for that matter). Long may the two not be combined.

I guess it goes to prove that cycling literature can be endlessly surprising…

Bicycling times issue 23 is available from Fringerprint distribution . Inspired by the memory of Grosse point blank, enjoy ‘mirror in the bathroom’ below (the music is used in an iconic scene) or the whole thing here.

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