The Double Decker, green roof and product lifecycle

Wrote this for the Odoni-Elwell product blog, but I’m so pleased with the way this shelter looks and the ethos behind it, I thought I’d re-blog it on CycleStuff.

The Odoni-Elwell blog

Green roof minishelter2

A little while ago we had a thought experiment: How could we design a nifty little system for cycle storage that would maiximise space, be manufactured with product sustainability in mind, be almost entirely made in the UK and offer an end-of-life collection and replacement service. This is what we came up with; The mini shelter (above).

This product is to be the template of how we consider all of our product range. Wherever we use a material we want to know how long it will last, what the implications of its manufacture and use are and what we can do with the product once it has satisfied its purpose. As an important aside it also needs to promote cycling being both aesthetically pleasing and a pleasure to use (as much as using a cycle ‘shed’ can be pleasurable!). The product features for this are:

The green roof promotes bio-diversity…

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