A stolen Genesis Day one, police apathy, use of social media and an ongoing search

Stolen Genesis

The title above is an executive summary of the sorry tale below. If you follow comments placed on this blog, this theme may seem familiar (‘There are worse commutes’, 25th May 2013). If not, please read on; this could happen to anyone and the response from the police is both familiar and frustrating. Cycle crime is nothing short of epidemic, yet the annual theft of millions of pounds worth of equipment barely seems to pop up on the police radar. Apologies to Andy Moore for posting this a little later than I would have liked; I’ve been spinning my legs in the Yorkshire Dales for a few days.

It was a bright orange day one stolen from outside my flat (inside) when I used the d lock on my old bike, in the centre of Cambridge, now officially bike theft capital of Britain averaging 2500 a year. I’m usually obsessive about locking up, and the thief left my charge juicer which was behind it. That’s ‘D’ locked to a 56lb weight I got off ebay, with another ‘D’ lock on the frame, with a cable through the wheels. I put an ad on ebay; still there(search for stolen day one) to warn potential buyers, and vent my frustration. I got a message from someone who saw my bike advertised for £175 the next day. He text editor the no. The seller said he was in Bethnal Green, North London. He thought about it, thought it was too good to be true, texted him at 3pm and was told he’d already sold it for £150. Gumtree ad removed, mobile no. ‘no longer in use’ Police tell me no real evidence, too expensive to follow up, takes 4-6 weeks to get identify a gumtree account. Admit that thieves are one step ahead using technology for their gain. Only hope owner is struggling with the fixed gear (42×16), and is aware of my ad. My son’s missing his transport to nursery. Only fixed gear clipped in school run bike in Cambridge I liked to think. Luckily he’s just getting to grips with his Islabike balance bike so we’re be using that for a bit instead.

If you can help Andy to get his son back on that bike, please leave comments below.

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    • Thanks for your time and effort Simon, I really appreciate it. Back tonight from a week away with the family, so it’s was a nice surprise. No new leads yet but I remain strangely optimistic that some good will come of it..

      • No problem Andy. I hate hearing about bike theft.

        It’s always worth holding out hope. I know of 3 bikes successfully tracked down in the Cardiff area over the past 12 months. Fingers crossed.

  1. GRRR…I’ve seen my bike, listed tonight on gumtree, although with handlebars changed etc..so I wasn’t sure. I managed to get a screenshot before the ad vanished an hour later. Then I looked on findthatbike and there’s my bike, complete with lights and pump, listed 3 times on 24th May on Gumtree for £200, then £180, then £170. Horray for cached sites! Both times listed by Steve. Still don’t think I’ll ever see it, but unless I can find a Steve in London. I’ll let the Police know tomorrow, see what they think.

    • Getting closer Andy. It’s surprising how a net can be cast and tightened via close monitoring of social media. Good luck in getting the police interested. Keep us posted.

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