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  1. Ahh summer is here, nice pics. Simon could you do me a big favour? I’ve got a blog for you along the lines of ‘cyclist subverts social media for a positive outcome’ or something, I don’t know you’re the wordsmith! My Genesis Day One was stolen from outside my front door (in an inside communal hall). I’ve just taken taken up tennis so instead of taking my pride and joy, I took my old rockhopper and borrowed the d-lock from the day one for 2 hours. Stupid I know. to make myself feel a bit better I’ve ‘advertised’ it on ebay, in the hope that it’ll be seen/ be unsellable etc. whether I’ve shot myself in the foot is yet to be seen, but I’ve already been given one lead, which went nowhere. Anywhere here’s the link..



    • That’s rotten luck Andy. I’ll do what I can to help. I really hope you get it back. Post some further details here (colour, location etc) and I’ll flesh it out.

    • It was a bright orange day one stolen from outside my flat (inside) when I used the d lock on my old bike, in the centre of Cambridge, now officially bike theft capital of Britain averaging 2500 a year. I’m usually obsessive about locking up, and the thief left my charge juicer which was behind it. That’s d locked to a 56lb weight I got off ebay, with another d lock on the frame, with a cable through the wheels. I put an ad on ebay. still there(search for stolen day one) to warn potential buyers, and vent my frustration. I got a message from someone who saw my bike advertised for £175 the next day. He text editor the no. The seller said he was in Bethnal Green, North London. He thought about it, thought it was too good to be true, texted him at 3pm and was told he’d already sold it for £150. Gumtree ad removed, mobile no. ‘no longer in use’ Police tell me no real evidence, too expensive to follow up, takes 4-6 weeks to get identify a gumtree account. Admit that thieves are one step ahead using technology for their gain. Only hope owner is struggling with the fixed gear (42×16), and is aware of my ad. My son’s missing his transport to nursery. Only fixed gear clipped in school run bike in Cambridge I liked to think. Luckily he’s just getting to grips with his Islabike balance bike so we’re be using that for a bit instead.

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