Less fun more riding

Evelyn park

Less fun more riding daddy.

<pause> eh?

Less fun more riding daddy. You’re talking too much.

I wasn’t prepared for this exchange and it brought a grin, a mile wide. Less fun? More riding??? I vehemently agree with the latter and strongly disagree with the former. Fun and riding – in my mind  – go hand in hand.

Can’t we have both?

We need to RIDE Daddy.

She was a driven 6 year old no doubt. Making a solo dart home (not withstanding my presence) from the Cardiff JIF kids club inaugural away day to hook up with another friend, Evelyn gripped the bars, gritted her teeth and powered into the wind.

She made it incidentally, arriving back from a mildly delayed kids club as Ruby knocked on the front door. From the outskirts of the city the kids had ridden along the Taff trail, through Hailey park, over some bobbly bits on the Blackweir cyclo-cross course and along the old canal bank, following Ian’s lead like a two wheeled pied piper. Arriving at the summerhouse they consumed ice creams like it was a matter of survival and climbed trees like demented macaques. Despite the regrettably imposed tight timescale, I think Evelyn will reflect that she definitely had fun. The parents certainly did.

Cardiff JIF kids club is the most rewarding thing I’ve done on two wheels. Roll on the 2028 Olympics 😉

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