Vote everyday


Yesterday, I had no option but to use the car for my chores. I felt strangely robbed. Despite the foul weather, the plethora of tasks and geographically diverse commitments, I still wanted to use the bike and I missed it. Terribly. This morning despite hurricane Cymru* still battering Cardiff streets, we were re-united like a spouse and sailor on shore leave (almost). I think that was largely due to being stuck in a soul destroying traffic jam the preceding evening, overtaken by pedestrians and idling in the doldrums.

Anyway…..I stumbled across the image above and it seemed to sum up my feelings entirely. A car has its uses for sure, but I miss the freedom of a bike, always.

Vote everyday.

Cycle art by Seymour Cornelius. 

*An imaginary hurricane, but we do seem to get blown around on a fairly consistent basis.

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