Where does Corporate social responsibility begin and end?

Wrote this for a business website and thought I’d post it here. Can’t recommend the book highly enough though; thought provoking, big, bold and beautiful.

The Odoni-Elwell blog

Ecological Urbanism book

There’s nothing like prefacing an article with a colossal question; a question that is both difficult to pose and incredibly difficult to answer. In most cases, we run our businesses for profit, climbing financial and social ladders, providing employment, contributing taxes and being beneficial to society through the creation of wealth. Many business owner/operators will see these objectives satisfied as a job well done. However, the great danger of  sealing our businesses off from the wider environment by ignoring our downstream impacts is a legacy that future generations will not take kindly.

Let’s illustrate the point. I work a short hop, skip and a jump from a stretch of industrial coast land  The wheels of industry have turned here; engines shuttled raw materials to and from a nearby steelworks. Busy roads plough goods in and out. Industrial units have filled the space along these transport arteries. Green space has all but…

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