Orange enter the fray with a cross bike

How has this taken so long? Amazing really, but glad to see that Orange have finally taken the plunge with the RX9 their first cyclo-cross offering. Enjoy the excellent little video which shows the bike being chucked about in a manner I can only dream of. If I tried some of those tight bends at that speed, there would be tears.

As a footnote; I’m still not ready for disc brakes on cross bikes. I’ll wait ’til it all gets light enough.

The Orange RX9 will be retailing for around £1100.

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  1. Nice video, cool bike. Although I’ve got a Day One in ‘fruit juice’ orange, probably one orange bike is enough. Still riding it fixed after a year, but maybe I should flip the wheel and go off road a bit more!

      • Partly bought it after reading one of your musings 42 is the answer (or something) which made it onto the Howies website. Great bike, was my winter bike, now tend to choose it over my Charge Juicer for the daily commute.

      • Blimey, didn’t know that article made into the Howies site. I’ll have to watch my p’s and q’s even more closely!

        Great bike though, especially for the money. I’m rather gutted that mine has an almighty ding in the top tube after a heavy object fell on it at work. Hey-ho – gives it a little character I guess.

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