The mental soundtrack Part 3: Recollection


I ride solo a lot. Left with nothing but your thoughts, the buzz of wheels and the mental soundtrack driving you into headwinds and motivating up the climbs. On Saturday morning I tackled the long slog to Senghenydd Moor on my singlespeed. The bike isn’t geared for this type of hill. It’s a beast, but that’s why I go there. Grinding, relentless effort rewarded with views of Steepholm and North Devon, the Vale and the Beacons. I’ve seen buzzards hover for food and lazy sheep stroll along the empty moorland road. Saturday I renamed Ffynonbwla Road, ‘John Martyn’s hill’. Tackling the steep left hander that climbs away from Griffin Mill, unexpectedly and inexplicably, ‘Let the Good things come’ popped into my head.

Oh, she’d walk down every road I ever set my eyes upon 
Wish she could take care of every dream I ever set my heart upon 
I wish she could step free of every weight I ever leaned my weight upon

Laying low, let the good things come 
Laying low, let the good things come

As the picture above demonstrates, the good things did indeed come; endless bright skies.

It’s funny how your mind pulls memories and tunes from nowhere. But if you’re going to enjoy some musical accompaniment, I’ll take John Martyn anyday.

‘Let the Good things come’ can be found on John Martyn’s ‘Bless the weather’ and heard here.

John Martyn

The late, great, John Martyn

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