Standing on the concrete for Earth day


Its Earth day and those with a keen interest in sustainability, environmental issues and the use of natural resources will mark it in their own little way. I’ve done mine; by pure co-incidence, today was also the official opening of the Coryton Primary school shelter. Laura Williams, head coach of the Cardiff JIF junior section held the tape. Fellow JIF member and GB cyclo-cross Junior Adam  King cut it. Rob Sage of Sustrans (and an old training partner of mine at Les Croupiers running club) held the balloons and I did my best to not look scruffy (as the pictures in the South Wales Echo will testify, I so nearly pulled it off). The most exciting thing about this was seeing how interested the kids were. At the school assembly, arms shot up in the air at the prospect of asking our special guests a question. The children celebrated wildly when the tape was cut. The scooter stands and bike shelter were choc full of colourful mini-vehicles. If even a third of these kids grow up to see sustainable transport as the way to go, we’ll have been wildly successful. It was a very enjoyable morning.


Before the tidal wave of kids; the new shelter and one of the scooter racks

Incidentally, I do understand that some will see no connection between Earth day and cycling whatsoever,  and probably not give a fig about the former in the least. Each to their own.  However for me, watching my daughter grow up in a world of seemingly increasing natural/man-made catastrophes, undeniably dwindling resources and a rapidly expanding global population, the old adage of ‘Tread lightly, take only pictures, leave only footprints, kill only time’ makes for an increasingly common sense mantra.

For the first time in eons, I forgot my camera (!) so sadly I don’t have any images (Wales online should carry some in due course). More details of Earth day can be found here.

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