Reasons to cycle #8 – Avoiding busy roads

underpass shadow

Why duke it out with traffic when you can go under it? Underpass, Taff trail, Cardiff

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  1. The gutters either side of that underpass are perfect for pinch flats. Bunny hops and panniers full of laptops are not good…just saying.

    • Are you thinking about Llandaff bridge Arwyn? This is the Western Avenue underpass (Llandaff bridge does have some ‘orrible gutters). I’ve not had any problems here with a fully laden bike so far (tyre pressure at 100psi and I’ve probably just doomed myself to a stream of relentless flats!).

      • Yeah. the underpass just coming into Hailey Park is the one to watch for gutters! Never actually flatted yet, but I’m always slightly concerned about watching the gutters and missing the fence halfway across the path! Enjoying seeing other people experiences of cycling in Cardiff, thanks.

  2. are quite correct..wrong underpass it’s the llandaff one I was thinking off. The gutters there don’t even work properly..they are often blocked and the water hides the edges of the gutters.

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