Lock it properly or lose it quickly

Poor lock

I really don’t like being publicly critical of others. I’m more of a glass is half full type of person (unless you’re at the bar. Then I’m a:  ‘Hi! my glass is half empty. Another? yes please. Ta.’ kind of person). But I spotted this Specialized bike locked up in Cardiff yesterday and winced. If this is yours – and I really hope it’s not – please, please, please a get a better lock and secure the bike properly. A tiny cheapo cable lock can practically be snipped off with a pair of scissors and a bike that carries the moniker ‘Specialized’ is like a honey pot to a cartoon bear. So……get a really good ‘D’ lock, pop it around the stand/railing/immoveable object, through the rear wheel and triangle, then use your cheapo one as a bit of added security for the front wheel. Bingo. You can rest a touch easier.

End of lecture.

The bike was there for at least one hour. Location masked whilst taking pictures.


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