Reasons to cycle #6 – Picking up on things

protest art

You witness and hear so much more on a bike. Banksy style Cynical Graffiti on Taff Trail, Forest Farm, Cardiff

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  1. Sadly that is so true, the super duper markets aren’t happy having your big weekly shop they are now after your bread and milk run to the corner shop. So many tesco sainsbury express shops around plus I’ve heard morrisons are going to do the same.
    What a beautiful day, going to make you jell now Simon, just had a working bike ride out from Barry into The Westra village area of Dinas Powis, Delivery bag in the basket in the front, gentle riding up and down peoples drives on true door to door delivery then a cycle back. Money earned, smile on face..And this is all on my £5 bike I got off the back of the Gypsy van and has now earned in access of £2000..That is sweet and makes me smile come rain or shine. Have a great weekend, am turning and burning onto aanother round in Barry for the afternoon but on the hoof this time. 😉

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