Follow that car! Cycle theft gets sinister

Popeye Doyle wouldn't let them get away with it.

Popeye Doyle wouldn’t let them get away with it.

Another one bites the dust. Gavin, another mountain biking parent at my daughter’s school, had his brand spanking new, Giant Anthem full susser stolen from the boot of his car earlier this week. He’d been off-roading and returned with the bike on the car rack. For the sake of speed, he removed it, whipped off the wheels and placed it in the boot of the car. The day rolled on. The bike remained in  the boot. The following morning he discovered he was no longer the owner of that brand spanking new, Giant Anthem.

The feeling around here (South Wales) is that thieves are targeting cyclists and following them back from events and trail centres. It’s easy pickings. In true Hollywood fashion, sneaky toerags lie in wait before shadowing their victims home. Later, when the night settles and cats prowl along the tops of backyard fences, our opportunists return to  break into sheds, garages and cars to help themselves to items destined for on-line auction sites.

There’s a few things we can do to reduce the risk of this happening. Firstly be aware of the chance of being followed. If you think you are, vary your route. Maybe stop en-route. Try to make it tricky (without becoming completely paranoid). Secondly lock your bikes in a garage or a shed. Then lock the shed (it sounds obvious, but the garden often feels like a ‘safe’ place). Never believe for one minute that your property isn’t a potential target. If you use a garage, back your car against the garage door. Finally, never, ever, ever, buy a bike that you suspect has been stolen or if you simply don’t trust the seller. Bike theft is perpetuated by supply and demand. Demand is currently high and supply all too easy.

Don’t become too paranoid! But please do take all necessary precautions. I’ve had bikes stolen in the past and it is no fun at all. 

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  1. Will link to this very sound advice and message on a crime that is happening way to much. Another tip, if you live in a road where your garage door is visible to the road don’t even leave it open while you mow the lawn, passers by clock everything you have in there and WILL return. The cost of bikes can be as much as a good second hand car, you don’t leave that unlocked or uninsured.

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