Even more music and bikes – Hugh Cornwell at the Globe

Having just returned from the Globe, I can confirm, without a shadow of a doubt, that the best way to spend your evenings is in good company, with a decent pint of beer (Bath ales ‘Dark side‘) and listening to a performer/band of esteemable quality; in this case, Hugh Cornwell, front-man of the Stranglers and front-runner for Joe Strummer’s musical crown. We pitched up on bikes. We locked ’em to Sheffield stands (carefully, this is Roath after all), we had a beer. We enjoyed another. Then the music started. It was like being transported to the set of Grosse Point Blank.  I can heartily recommend seeing Mr Cornwell live and complement the band on their ‘get on with the day job’ sensibility. Great stuff. The fact that the evening was dry – in the weather sense at least – and that we were carried into the night on two wheeled steeds beneath clear moonlight skies, simply seals the deal.

It’s not fair to keep your cards close to your chest, so here’s some footage of Mr Cornwell doing what he does best; in this case an avant garde, mariachi version of Golden Brown.

Incidentally, Golden Brown was the second single that I bought as a youngster. It drove my Gran scatty. Hugh Cornwell’s ‘Totem & Tabooo’ is on sale now. 

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    • Completely agree. Also enjoyed the fact that the band were clearly at ease and relaxed. A good gig to go to if you enjoy small venues and overly romantic notions of gigging expunged; seeing Cornwell and Co milling about and loading their transit van on Albany Road was unexpected.

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