More midnight mayhem

Here we go again……last year’s 24 hour fun was at the Bontrager 2412,  a mud splattered, gloop filled, struggle fest that in our case lasted just shy of the full 24 hours, for a creditable and pleasing 4th (for the whole sorry tale click here). The wounds must have healed as long time misery partner Jules and I are on for more night time disconsolation, malnutrition and sleep deprivation at Mountain Mayhem. This time we’ve jumped ship, ignoring company livery (Odoni) and joining ‘Might Contain Nuts’. Given that good buddies Matt and Martin of MNC won the pairs category at the Bonty 2412, our entry in the team competition is not without pressure. I know what this pair are like – drop a few seconds a lap and before you know it they’ll throwing hissy fits like an unrecognised ‘A’ list celeb* at a posh dinner.

I found some nice video of Mountain Mayhem over on Vimeo (below). Last year Cardiff JIF team mate Mark Spratt won the veterans section and placed 3rd overall in the solo category. We’d better go pick his brains/nick his lights.

Mountain Mayhem from Simon Wild on Vimeo.

*Actually….Can’t think of a better pair to team up with. Roll on those late night cups of tea and packets of chocolate hobnobs.

Might Contain Nuts organise outdoor races, sell outdoor equipment and are thoroughly nice chaps. Cover image courtesy of Bike Magic.

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