Abstract images of NYC lay bare the concrete space

Copied this over from another blog that I maintain – The Elwell blog (buildings, city stuff etc.). It’s relevant here as the post details an aerial depiction of the city (New York City in this case). Just imagine cycling through some of these scenes. Thrilling? Probably. Dangerous? Possibly . Seeing the city from a different angle helps us to understand the need to return the city to a more people friendly space (and besides……who can complain about images of a gigantic inflatable Spiderman?).

The Odoni-Elwell blog

White roof

I was particularly taken with an article on the website Taxi. Showcasing the work of Brooklyn-based photographer Navid Baraty, a sequence of aerial images depict New York City’s intersections and roads as a set of abstract images. As Taxi point out;

The photographs also reveal the order in the chaos that is New York City, as the neat grid streets and buildings are clearly reflected in these shots.

High view

This is very clearly the case. ‘Order’ – literally – seems to be the order of the day. Lines of Yellow cabs scurry like worker ants, whilst buildings stand rectangular, impassive and permanent  However one of the key things that struck me was how little greenery is evident. Of course, we know this. We allknow this. NYC – or rather Manhatten, our mental image of NYC – is a city and not any old city; Its THE city incarnate, an area of commerce…

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