This time – ludicrous mountain bike jumping.

I can barely do a wheelie. I snatch at the bars like I’m trying to retrieve a dropped wallet in a pond full of piranhas. The wheel raises like the head of a twitchy meerkat, then slams back down on the deck with all the grace of a hippo on rollerblades. I don’t lose too much sleep about it. It’s never stopped me pushing my luck on fast descents, nor been spectacularly relevant in most cross races. Nonetheless, I’m envious of the decent bike handling skills that are very much in evidence here. Adam Williams of Rose bikes pulls off what is apparently the ‘World’s first MTB 720 tailwhip’. I’m way too long in the tooth to understand what that means, but I admire it nonetheless. Pretty impressive stuff. For those of a less touchy feely/stiff upper lip disposition, look away to avoid a lot of excitement and <shock!> cuddling at the end (if not, jump up and down and embrace your partner. Whichever suits).

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