Cycle success or infrastructure failure?

bike area full

I saw this sign yesterday. It was stuck to the corrugations of a roller shutter door on an office block in central Cardiff. I was torn down the middle. Half of me  – the cycle advocate side –  savoured the moment; proof positive that cycle uptake has increased to the point that parking facilities – in this office at least – are buckling. The other half of me – the business half that designs and sells cycle storage equipment – bemoaned another example of failing to invest in appropriate infrastructure.

However you see it, there is little doubt that there are more bicycles on the roads, on the trails and in our city centres. Making it easier for people to cycle is only likely to encourage more.

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  1. Great to see and yes a good sign on the uptake but also a brilliant sign for your business as these companies will now have to, because of demand, call you guys to find solutions. Quick send your sales guy to that address armed with some solutions. Great news all round.

  2. No need to rush. As of today (4th March 2013) you have just over 3 weeks before the bike area is full, according to the prophetic sign.

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