A brace of Boneshakers

Boneshaker 11

I was away in London today when a small brown parcel dropped through the letterbox and awaited my return. It was issue 11 of beautiful Boneshaker, that soulful Bristolian – yet undeniably global – celebration of velo culture. As a subscriber, I’d normally be irrationally excited. However….a  few days earlier Andrew at Fingerprint distiribution sent out a replacement for my first copy, believed – we thought at the time – to be lost in the post. It now seems that the first copy had gone on some grand postal adventure. Was it via Rail? Did it idle in a van? Did it slip under the table at the sorting office? or head to Carlisle rather than Cardiff? We’ll never know.

Anyway. It arrived. So now I have two.  One good turn deserves another, so I went online, ordered and paid for yet another, e-mailing and tweeting Andrew to save another copy winging toward my shelves. I was more than happy to do this;  Fingerprint is a great little business and Boneshaker a gorgeous magazine. Consequently I have one for show and one for carting around and heavy thumbing. You simply can’t get too much soul.

Boneshaker #11 is available from Fingerprint distribution and worth it for the tall bicycles article alone.

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