The close call and unlikely apology

optimus prime

Riding West toward Cardiff Central Station. Slight head wind, but golden sun adequate compensation. I’m stopped at the lights  watching the traffic gliding along the roller coaster slopes of the link road overpass. Lights change: Red, amber, green. Cross the junction box and enter the cycle lane. A van passes me at speed. A second van is close behind but veering left. Too far left. I can feel its wind, tugging at my wheels, my frame, my knees. The metal is close enough to touch without moving bodyparts. I yell. The van pulls away. Incensed, I remonstrate with instantly recognisable hand gestures*.  Beyond the railway bridge the lights are red. I pull alongside. The driver winds down the window.

Me: Do you realise how cl….

Driver: I know. Really sorry mate.  I was being pushed over by the van in the other lane.

Me:  Eh?..

Driver: I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry about that.

Me: …..Ok…… Fair enough. Apologies for the hand signals

<nod of head, slight smile and thumbs up from driver. I return the love. Time to hold hands.>

Share the road

An unexpectedly polite ending, but very, very close. Should the driver have even been in a position where he had to navigate such a narrow path? I really don’t know. I was concentrating too hard on maintaining the narrow line between van and kerb to notice the activity in the outside lane. But acknowledgement of the mistake and a proper, genuine apology from a van driver in the middle of a city? Rarer than pigs in flight, hen’s teeth and black swans combined.

*I’m not advocating this, but I was pretty unhappy.

Where can I get an Optimus Prime suit to be on the safeside? Answers on a postcard please….Mike Joos’ pop culture images always bring a wry smile. To see more examples or purchase, visit Mike’s site.

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