Abandoned Part 9

Locked wheel

Oh dear.

I really don’t think that was the plan. 

lock one wheel to some scaffolding,

Return to scaffolding and one wheel.

Locking only one wheel is a very bad idea indeed. Positioning the lock through the rear triangle and the wheel, would have prevented the theft of what I assume is a fairly reasonable bike. This wheel is all that remains on the corner of one of the busiest junctions in Cardiff; the 5 pointed star of ‘Death junction’ (read the history of Death Junction here).

More in the series: Abandoned Part 1Abandoned Part 2Abandoned Part 3Abandonded Part 4Abandoned Part 5 Abandoned Part 6Abandoned Part 7, Abandoned Part 8

If you come back to your bike to find it decimated by detritivores, please think about passing any unwanted bits to local social enterprises such as The Cardiff Cycle workshopThe Bristol Bike Project or ReCycling (London). This is part of an ongoing series to highlight cycle security, abandoned and vandalised bikes. 

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