Bicycled: The bike made out of cars

Before I go any further, I’d just like to make it totally and abundantly clear; I am not anti-car. I drive and own, a big grey box with a roof rack on the top and on the occasions when my bike ain’t up to the job (i.e. not often) I’m very happy to use it, thank you very much. I am, however, very, very pro people, love riding bikes, believe that cycling cuts down on urban pollution and makes cities nicer for everyone, free’s up traffic, improves your health and allows you to have nice chats with other commuters on the way to work. There. It’s out of my system and hopefully the car thing has been headed off at the pass. Back to the case in hand: Bicycled.

Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize consulting tweeted the link to this video. Bicycled is a  project to re-utilise car components in the construction of a ‘new’ bike. From the video, there are bits that clearly get used; leather upholstery for the saddle/bar tape, door handles for the QRs, indicator glass for the lights and the ‘chain’ (a belt drive) is made out of the transmission belt. The frame is also claimed to be made out of recycled car parts, though I’m guessing this is more of an assertion about the content of ‘new steel’ (approximately 60% of raw material input to the steel process comes from scrap, depending on sourcing route*) rather than the tubing itself**.  Parking any technicalities, I love the idea of a bike made out of car parts. It was the car that almost killed the bicycle, a delightful irony to dwell on from the saddle of your new bike.

Bicycled may be contacted here

*Lots of assumptions are needed. Let’s just agree there’s a good amount of recycled stuff in steel come what may. 

**Feel free to correct me. Being wrong is almost a hobby. 

With thanks to Copenhagenize for spotting

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