Unstoppable force – Marianne Vos

Marianne Vos, Cyclocross World Champion 2013 from Chris Milliman on Vimeo.

Well done Marianne Vos, that unstoppable force of women’s cycling. The Dutch, Olympic and World champion added another World Cyclo-cross title to her impressive list of wins at Lousiville last week. The short video above tells you pretty much all you need to know about why she is simply the best at what she does. I reckon she’d give a few runners a scare too (note her warming up routine).

Every time I see an image of Marianne Vos, a quote from Jaws pops into my head. Flicking out bait, lost in the activity and happily chatting away, Roy Schneider spots the 25 foot killer fish mere inches from his bait bucket and starts to shuffle backwards toward the relative safety of the wheelhouse. Turning to Robert Shaw, eyes still fixed on the Great White, Schneider mutters ‘You’re gonna need a bigger boat’. Why? I hear you ask.

Have a read of Vos’ achievements on her Wikipedia entry, Done that? Now consider her age (25). Yep. She’s still that young. Now think about all the gongs she has won in relation to all the gongs she is likely to win.

Marianne? I think you’re gonna need a bigger set of shelves.

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