More music and bikes – Ethan Johns at the Gate

Said it before and will say it again; It’s not all bikes at Cyclestuff you know (sometimes it’s  music and bikes). Thus was the case this wet and windy Tuesday night. A night that laughed in the face of cycle use and forced us to shelter in the Albany, supping Brains Dark and providing welcome respite from howling February winds. It was also the night that we had tickets to see Ethan Johns, a musician of impeccable stock (his father is the legendary producer Glyn Johns) and undeniable talent both behind the mixing desk and in front of the microphone. Johns has just started his tour to promote his album ‘If not now, then when?‘ and was appearing at arguably the most underrated, underused and inexplicably secret venue in Blighty (now there’s a statement),  Cardiff’s ‘The Gate‘, a former church now converted into a beautiful art centre in the heart of Roath. Appearing solo, but ably supported by an array of guitars, a piano, a drum machine thingy and a 60 year old tape machine. So was he any good? Frankly, it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to in many moons. Personable, disarming and passionate, seeing an Ethan Johns gig is like inviting a talented mate to play in your living room.  If only all gigs were this good. Video of his in-store performances (above, including Spillers Records, Cardiff) gives a flavour.

Perfect music for: Solo rides, concentration, introspection, rolling moorland.

Ethan Jones album ‘If not now, then when?‘ is available from a decent independent record company near you. The Gate has cycle parking at the front. 

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