This time….Alpine antics on a hardtail 26er

SEA OF ROCK from infinite trails on Vimeo.

CAUTION: Contains jaw dropping riding and vertigo inducing scenery. 

Do you have a nice mug of tea and a full packet of chocolate hobnobs? Jolly good. You’re ready for this vid.

Keeping the 29er v 26” mountain bike debate well and truly alive*, Matt from Might contain nuts contacted me with this hardtail 26” high jinks short, featuring trials rider Tom Oehler and mountaineer Harald Philipp.  Naturally I had to park my slightly sniffy attitude before watching it, as we all know that 26” wheels are the poor relation of the new breed of ‘proper’ off road bikes**, destined to be consigned to cycling history as a well intended but ultimately failed experiment***.  I’m glad I did though; those boys certainly give the impression that there’s life in the 26″ dog yet****.

*It’s not really that much of a debate, but no harm in bigging it up.

**There I go again. That will indeed, drive Matt nuts.  

***Joke. I’ve got my old Orange P7 which I love to bits. As long as it’s a bike, who cares?

**** Lots.

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