snow cycle

Brief, unexpected pleasure. At my desk at the ungodly hour of 6am. It’s dark, cold and where the light reflects, white. The snow fall of recent days is a perilous mix of slush and ice. Waiting for the unwary, lurking for the relaxed. An hour ticks by. Two. The sun comes up.


Rub sleep from eyes. Double check the window. The sun is definitely up. The sun. is. up.

Cadenced eliza southwood

It seems like weeks since the world was illuminated. The forecast suggests the snow is lifting, moving on. Spring isn’t far away, bringing thoughts of mountain roads, sweeping singletrack and crashing waves on roadside shores. Cycling is a always enjoyable, come what may. But cycling under a sun? Bliss.

It’s stocktake today, which explains the early hour. The work is robotic. Number crunching. Automated. I’ve popped on music to match the rising sun and allow the mind to wander; ‘Passing stranger’. Roll on the Spring Equinox. Roll on March 20th.

Music by the underrated Scott Matthews. Cycle art by the talented Eliza Southwood. Screen prints available to buy from her website. As for Spring and summer? I hope to spend chunks of it in West Wales and France. On a bike.

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