Abandoned Part 7

Abandoned part 7

Can you believe it? 

Can you bloody believe it?

A Chainset for f**** sake?

A Chainset??????

Can NONE of my bits be left outside????

This is a very specific theft, leaving the remainder of the bike intact. Can anything be more annoying than returning to a  bike which has been rendered unrideable by the removal of it’s core? (and all the more galling by the presence of two ‘D’ locks).  The bike was spotted by Matt Williams on Woodville Road in Cardiff

More in the series: Abandoned Part 1Abandoned Part 2Abandoned Part 3, Abandonded Part 4, Abandoned Part 5 Abandoned Part 6

If you come back to your bike to find it decimated by detritivores, please think about passing any unwanted bits to local social enterprises such as The Cardiff Cycle workshopThe Bristol Bike Project or ReCycling (London). This is part of an ongoing series to highlight cycle security, abandoned and vandalised bikes. With thanks to Matt Williams .

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