‘Boris bike’ success?


British Museum, Bloomsbury London. A lady picks her way amongst the ice patches, passing the empty ‘Boris bike’ stations. 

Success? Tricky.  Boris Johnson’s cycling credentials are often under fire.  Costs of ‘Boris bikes’ are set to rise considerably much to their users chagrin. Sustrans have expressed disappointment at the rises due it being ‘one of the capital’s most successful transport schemes in recent years’, whilst TFL predict that numbers of cyclists will have fallen in the financial year 2012-2013 (some exceptional weather may explain). I guess the jury is still out. But one thing is for sure; these bikes have help to be a visual expression of the efficacy of cycling and opened up cycling to all. As an aside – and a little bit of anecdotal evidence – I was surprised to note the number of bikes I saw on transit from the Excel arena to central London after the London bike show. This picture – snapped outside the British Museum in freezing weather and between snow flurries – shows most of the bike in use.


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