Alpine antics on a Single speed, rigid, 29er

29er-alpine from on Vimeo.

Low speed but high adrenaline jinks with a rigid, singlespeed 29er in what I think is a Pyrannean setting. Oliver Dunjic reminds me of what I’d rather be doing almost 100% of the time. Added bonus: Neat bottle opening trick.

The mission to convert traditional mtbers to 29ers continues. Cover image: Jeff Jones

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  1. An inspiring video. I’m a payday or two from a ss 29er and drawn toward either charge or genesis with preference for rigid front fork.

    • Sounds like a shrewd move to me (this comment is riddled with bias). In terms of the rigid fork, I’m running 2.5″ Nobby Nics which – to a point – compensate for the lack of compensation. I only really notice the absence of suspension on the long or really silly stuff.

      • The charge cooker ss looks ideal for my generally laid back meandering style of riding and love the simplicity of single speed bikes

  2. Good vid: Nice trail – looks great on a Full susser … 🙂

    niche within a niche within a niche! How about a Fixed SS 29er as well just for good measure?

    might as well wear a crown of thorns for even more of a challenge …..

    p.s. I want a 29er …..

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