Keep it under your helmet; The best cycling cap in Blighty

Boneshaker cap

I like cycle caps. A lot. I rarely ride or race without one. And when it comes to the printed word, Boneshaker is my favourite mag.  I’m more willing than admit it. But when this little beauty fell out of it’s jiffy bag, there was a sharp intake of breath. Perfect. A good fit, quality organic cotton, constructed to fair trade ethical standards and beautifully embroidered.  Worth every penny of it’s £15 price tag. After ordering mine I made the faux pas of retweeting their availability only to find out that I bought the last one. Oops. Sorry (no pressure fellas – victims of your own success!).

Side panel

The Boneshaker cap is available direct from Boneshaker via their online store (when they’re back in stock that is). 

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  1. As a fellow cap lover I struggle to find one the right size. With a 59cm head I find the OSFA caps err on the tight side leaving me with the red rim of shame or if I go for a large one then they end up too baggy on top and I worry for their loss on descents. How did this compare or are you a lucky 57cm head?

    • I have the reverse problem Thom (little head and room to store a bag of kettle crisps under my caps – I can only wear them under a helmet!). It fits quite well courtesy of the elastic, so I’ll get one of my mates to try it on and gve you some more considered feedback when I get back from the London bike show.

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