Comment: Hell of the North Cotswolds system failure

HONCIf like me, you sat in front of a keyboard for several hours trying to enter the 29th HONC, you will undoubtedly be irritated, frustrated and maybe, just a little annoyed. Sit back, take deep  breaths and try not to be. I’ve organised and assisted running, cycling and multi-sport events for many years and when you love what you do – and I mean love with every fibre of your bring – as the HONC organisers clearly do – they will be gutted, distraught and mortified that the entry central system couldn’t cope with the high demand. This is no reflection on the part of  either of the clubs involved ( Winchcombe/Cheltenham & County) and represents rum luck for entry central who offer the online registration service. We’re not talking about big companies here. These are not faceless conglomerates chasing down big bucks. They’re cyclists like you and I, trying to offer experiences and services to similarly minded people. The big question for many – myself included – will be ‘did I get in?’ Bear with them, cross those fingers and abide with the outcome; the HONC is an outstanding event and deserves another 29 years of our attention.

Best of luck to Winchcombe, Cheltenham and County and entry central in picking up the pieces.

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