This year….

david millar

…I will be mostly reading…….cycling literature.

Believe it or not, I’ve not actually read all that much in the way of cycling books. I can happily put my hand up and admit to never having read ‘It’s not about the bike’ (I’m more of a non-fiction fan) and I can unhappily confess to not reading my copy of ‘It’s all about the bike’ (something I will remedy shortly). But that little pile of cycling books is building up on my bedside table and all the management bumf, philosophy stuff, gothic thrillers and classic travel lit’ will have to go into storage while I work through them. So in no particular order (except the first one in the list is clamouring for my attention purely to be better equipped in those doping debates):

1. David Millar, ‘Racing through the dark’.

2.  Jon Foot, ‘Pedalare, Pedalare!’ 

3. Robert Penn, ‘It’s all about the bike’.

4. Bradley Wiggins, ‘In pursuit of glory’.

5. David Byrne, ‘The bicycle diaries’

6. Rob Liwall, ‘Cycling home from Siberia’

I’m worried about the one at the bottom though; with family and job, day dreaming of this nature is a surefire road to extended holiday requests and tricky negotiations.

Happy reading and riding. 

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  1. I’m about to read Racing Through the Dark as well. Just finished ‘The Secret Race’ by Tyler Hamilton which is a great read I recommend that. Also Mark Beaumont ‘The Man Who Cycled the World’ one of the greatest cycling books i have ever read!

  2. Hmmm….yet more books….Mr Beaumont’s book is another very tempting one….In a parrallel universe another me has found the time to read all these already! Thanks for the tips Alex.

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