How to despatch a hangover? Ride.

Desert road

Image courtesy of Laundryroom.

It’s New Years day. There’s a better than average chance that today of all days, you have a hangover. A real screamer. A late night, a drink or two (8?), the central heating on just a wee bit too high and before you know it the room is spinning uncomfortably and a headache is beating a snare between your ears. I’ve been there more times than I care to remember. In my experience, there are three practical solutions:

1. Bury your head under the quilt and try and sleep it off.

2. Go for a sea swim.

3. Man up, get your cycling kit on and go mountain biking or trail riding*.

Given that this is a cycling website, there’s only one appropriate course of action from that little lot – number 3 (we’ll assume that committed cyclists cannot bring themselves to entertain number 1 and number 2 is for looneys with access to the sea). So whilst you’re nursing that uber strong coffee and patting your hair back down, here’s a few little videos of very different flavours to get you motivated, keen and ready to roll (the Assynt video has been shown here before, but it’s bloody splendid, so no apologies here). Let’s start 2013 on the right cleat.

*We’ll rule out road cycling as the margin of error available to a person with wobbly wheels is that much less.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and here’s to a successful year of cycling. 

A Taste of The Toast from MikeL on Vimeo.

Lettenbach on 29 inch from crowny-productions on Vimeo.

The Rapha Continental: Assynt from RAPHA on Vimeo.

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  1. Went for non bike option and chose Option 2 – Barafundle Bay!

    9 am Air temp: 5 degrees Sea: Big surf – Ice Cream Head

    Thats 2 soakings in 2 days ….

  2. Ah, but where did you get wetter? I bet it was on the ride (I think I’m still drying out). Those sorts of temperatures limit your sea time to nano-seconds!

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