All in a good cause

The Clifton suspension bridge if it were much smaller and fixed to the top of a bike stand.

The Clifton suspension bridge if it were much smaller and fixed to the top of a bike stand.

Earlier in the year we  manufactured two cycle stands in the shape of the Clifton suspension bridge, expressly for the purposes of display at Bespoked Bristol. After all, what would be a more fitting tribute to the host city than its most iconic structure? Rhys cut free with the CAD package, Mike sorted out the laser cutting and Stuart organised the paint job. Hey presto; two bespoke bike stands. But this of course leaves us with a thorny problem. What should we do with them now?

roll for the soulWe could sell them of course. It wasn’t cheap to organise and the prototypes carry more production cost than production models. We could keep taking them to the shows. But they’d get tired, we’d get bored and before you know it we’d have two stands well used for displaying, but never put to their intended purpose – cycle security. Then a light bulb moment; what if there was a community bike cafe opening in central Bristol that  had need of cycle storage? BINGO. So I’ve organised for the cycle stands to be finished off for street use and given to the Roll for the Soul cafe. I’d like to think that Mr Izambard Kingdom Brunel would be proud.

As an addendum, Bristol is one of my favourite cycling cities. Great cycle culture, good council commitment to cycle infrastructure, great cycling festival and a plethora of cycle shops. Given that the basic shape of this stand is ubiquitously referred to as a ‘Sheffield cycle stand’, we’ll christen this one a ‘Bristolian’.

The Roll for the Soul Cafe will be opening its doors in the early part of 2013. 

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