Santa’s coming (on a bike)


This is a plainly ridiculous concept. Santa would never ride a BMX. Come on! Really. For starters, this bike has no brakes. This is not good strategy in the ice, the snow and the slush. Granted, things will be looking up a bit by the time he drops down from the Northern latitudes, but it’s too late once he’s lost his teeth and all the toys are smashed up. This bike also has no real capacity to carry a load. Can you imagine how achy his shoulder will be after lapping the world? VERY and we wouldn’t want to get the elf and safety * involvedNo, if Santa is going to be serious about this, he needs to stop wasting his time trying to accumulate street cred and take the pragmatic road that will lead him to a cargo bike. Sorted.


Have a great Christmas.

*bad pun.

Bullitt red

I would love one of these. The Bullitt. Are you listening Santa?

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