Winter on the trail

Taff trail runner.jpg

The temperature has dropped again. Heavy rain has ceded to clear skies, morning mists and the metallic tang of chill winter air. There’s no finer time to warm those muscles (and few finer urban areas to employ them). Click images for larger versions.

Taff tail cyclist

Taff trail, Blackweir, Cardiff, today. Taken with a Canon S95.

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  1. I made 2 cycle journeys into the city centre today for the purpose of Christmas shopping. My route took me through the castle grounds and along the river which was a welcome oasis of calm from the frantic shoppers and drivers. I had a short but pleasant conversation with a lady who was riding a cargo bike alongside her cycle riding daughter and running dog who all fit in the front when in a less safe area. Also had a pleasant chat with a disbelieving salesman in John Lewis who found it hard to fathom that I planned to carry the coffee maker I had bought on the rack on my bike which I successfully managed but was caught short by how quickly it became dark

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