London bike show 17th-20th January 2013

london bike show 2012

unbelievably, its come around again – The London Bike Show. I’ll be there for at least two and a bit days of the show, standing around looking vaguely uncomfortable as:

(a) There will be lots of interesting things going on and I’d like to see and do them all (a major flaw in my obsessional personality).

(b) I’m well aware that I’m rubbish at smiling.

(c) I’d like to talk to everybody and how do you that without looking like a loony?

Please don’t be put off; my colleagues are brilliant at this type of thing even if I’m not.

On the stand itself we’ll have our Type 9 racks, the pivoting hanger, a bike bunker with a green roof and some rather nice new designs that are either being fixed into the ground somewhere as you read this, or just passing through prototyping.  Below is an example of the new stuff – a scooter rack for a Cardiff school and part of our anime range of cycle and scooter storage solutions. As this was the first one and the school in question (Coryton primary school) have a real problem with mega busy roads, we’re giving it to them.

Odoni will be on stand LB67. Pop by to say hello. scooter-rack

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